Human Fighter


Level 1 -
Strength: +2
Constitution: +2
Dexterity: 0
Intelligence: 0
Wisdom: 0
Charisma: +1
HP: 28
AC: 15

Statistics -
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Hair: Black, Short
Eyes: Brown
Age: 28
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 180lbs.

Equipment -
Rations (4)


Grahar was a Human Fighter who hailed from Norncrast, and fought in the Ria’Nar – Eil’Den War of AC1262.

Having served on the Eil’Den side of the conflict as a mercenary, Grahar ended up behind the Ria’Nar lines after a failed offensive to push into the country through the Oalen Wood. After the initial battle saw the loss of the majority of his allies, Grahar was captured by the enemy Ria’Nar Nationalist Forces, and was sentenced to death immediately.

He was saved from execution, however, as Adea’Ren’s Order of Ria’Nar intervened and engaged the Nationalists – and Grahar escaped with Quillan and several others.

Upon being found by the Order of Ria’Nar after escaping the battle of the Oalen Wood, Adea’Ren offered Grahar a chance to join the Order and fight against the Nationalists – seeing as he had no way to return to Eil’Den through the hostile country of Tro’Ren on his own, Grahar accepted the offer in order to seek vengeance for allies he lost on his offensive into Ria’Nar. He immediately proved to be an asset for the Order of Ria’Nar forces, as his first mission to find a base for the Order to carry out their operations from was successful – having cleared out a Dakan lair in order to do so.


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