High Elf Fighter


Level 1 -
Strength: +1
Constitution 0
Dexterity: +2
Intelligence: -1
Wisdom: -2
Charisma: -1
HP: 26
AC: 18/19S

Statistics -
Race: High Elf
Class: Fighter
Hair: Blonde, Long
Eyes: Green
Age: 28
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 150lbs.

Equipment -
Half Plate
Light Shield
Rations (10)


Adea’Ren was a High Elf Fighter and the commander of the Order of Ria’Nar during the Ria’Nar – Eil’Den War of AC1262.

Adea’Ren opposed the standing Ria’Nar Nationalist Forces that currently held the Kingdom of Ria’Nar as a puppet state, and initiated the Order of Ria’Nar as a rebel force to stand against the Legion of Vas-aided government.

Before the Order of Ria’Nar was to attempt their first Expedition into Tro’Den for an unknown purpose, Adea’Ren diverted his platoon out of the company in order to intervene in the executions of a number of captives of the Ria’Nar Nationalist Forces. They were engaged by a red dragon, and suffered heavy casualties – including Ieavesa, Adea’Ren’s second in command.

Despite her loss, however, Adea’Ren’s attack on the executioners granted him a number of allies – Quillan and Grahar amongst others.

After the battle of the Oalen Wood, the overall Order was reduced to about 80% of it’s original force – having taken 27 casualties attempting to fight the red dragon the Ria’Nar Nationalists used against them. Adea’Ren was convinced by his command staff to focus on finding a new location to use as a base instead of pressing forward to Tro’Den – as this would serve to regroup his forces and allow time to recruit others to his cause before the expedition to Tro’Den.


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